Send drawings of love and gratitude (for medical staff)

Drawings of Love and Gratitude

Sending us your drawing is very simple! Just text/Whatsapp/Viber to 332-217-9993 or upload it below:

    A park display in Stavropol, Russia

    What happens to the drawings?

    We display the drawings so that all our brave medical staff and other chidren who are suffering know you are thinking of them.

    We display in hospitals (of course!), but also in parks, subways and other public installations.

    A banner created from all drawings created by children in Russia

    How this project started

    In March, 2020, as a result of illness in friends and family members, and exposure to daily news about the spread of Covid 19, we began to see that children all over the world have become worried and stressed. This made us wonder whether there was anything we could do to help them.

    Our experience in earlier Kids to Kids projects has shown that once children participate in making things better, they feel empowered and are eager to do more. We invited students, as well as their teachers, to express encouragement to others during the current crisis.

    Our drawing gallery

    Here you can see a selection of some of the drawings created by the children. We are looking forward to seeing yours!