Share a drawing for Happiness Day

March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. Here’s an idea for you to spread some happiness around the world.

1. Draw a picture of something that makes you happy!
We will send this picture to a child in hospital, so think of something that will make them happy too….

2. Take a photo of your drawing.
(Make sure to write your first name and age on the drawing so we know it’s you…)

3. Ask a parent to text/Whatsapp/Viber your picture to 332-217-9993 or upload it below:

    4. Wait to receive a picture from your new friend!

    We send drawings to childrens hospitals in Russia, Italy all around the world. They are also making drawings to send to you! In this way we can all help each other to create a happier world.

    How this project started

    In 2017 the United Nations began to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20th every year.

    So every year, Kids to Kids organise this happiness art project, so we can all help to make each other happy.

    Our drawing gallery

    Here you can see a selection of some of the drawings created by children just like you. We are looking forward to seeing yours!